New Routes to Funding: The new 'Handbook', written for business advisers & mentors as well as business owners & startups, explains not only how you can fund the earliest stages of a product or venture but also how to use crowdfunding to unlock more traditional funding.

"The combination of the theory and all the data was a real eye-opener for us. So we can see it becoming more and more a mainstream option for business advisers."
Steve Carroll, Professional Business Advisor, on New Routes To Funding

We’ve written a new, much needed, book. It's based on a new, crystal-clear, model that explains how crowdfunding works and how to use it in ways never before possible.

But it’s not just us saying this. We’ve asked some of the most renowned experts in their field for feedback, and they’re telling us – with big grins on their faces – that this is "The 'Handbook' of Crowdfunding". So...

We want to make sure that New Routes to Funding lands on the desks of every adviser working with business owners, and works its way to the very heart of business fundraising across the world. Because we want entrepreneurs everywhere to benefit.

And to do that we need your help.

"The Handbook of Crowdfunding"
Kathleen Minogue, Crowdfund Better

Written By Barry E James

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Based on Years of Research and Over 400K Campaigns

We all know that crowdfunding has the potential to help people launch and grow their businesses and to help people create more jobs and livelihoods, to boost the economy and to change lives.

But crowdfunding not only helps those who need it to raise funds, but crucially it can unlock more traditional sources of funding.

The truth is that the much of the phenomenal potential of crowdfunding is being wasted: Our research tells us that four out of five campaigns fail, almost always for lack of crowdfunding know-how and basic insights into what makes a successful campaign. We want to turn that around.

After years of research, involving more than 400,000 campaigns and their outcomes, we've worked out how to remove the obstacles, so that many more people can benefit – New Routes to Funding will transform what has often been a daunting, hit-and-miss approach to crowdfunding with a unique crowdfunding, clear, framework that everyone can understand and follow.

Crowdonomics MINT

We’ve called this The Crowdonomics MINT model - a unique, clear crowdfunding framework that leads to a deeper understanding of the intricacies of crowdfunding and guides you through the process, every step of the way. MINT is new tool for understanding crowdfunding's dynamic and how to harness and use it, alone and in combinations, providing the means to unlock more familiar sources of funding.


New Routes to Funding...

Explains in plain terms:

  • How it really works
  • Who can use it - and how
  • How it can be used to transform a venture, large or small
  • And how crowdfunding can unlock other sources of finance
Will also:

  • Provide the means for innovators and entrepreneurs to hone their skills
  • Prove the worth of their proposition
  • And accelerate their venture

So we hope you'll join us on our quest to transform the funding landscape.

Crowdonomics: The Background To The Book

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The New Book From Barry E James

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