New Routes to Funding: The new 'Handbook', written for business advisors & mentors as well as business owners & startups, explains not only how you can fund the earliest stages of a product or venture but also how to use crowdfunding to unlock more traditional funding.

What People Are Saying

"An invaluable addition to finance providers reference library"

Clive Lewis,
Head of Enterprise for The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW)

"If you're a business advisor, mentor or coach this is a must read. A vital guide, It's also a page turner!"

Tony Robinson OBE,
'The Micro Business Champion', Founder & Co-Owner SFEDI Group, Co-Founder #MicroBizMattersDay and IOEE

"This handbook is going to be a gamechanger!"

Yvonne Bignall,
Coach, Mentor & Author of ‘Suck It Up Or Change!’

Barry James has addressed a glaring need in the market – to equip the gatekeepers, mentors, business advisors, accountants and other professionals with a thorough guide to the multifaceted world of crowdfunding. It is critical that crowdfunding be addressed, strategically, creatively and with the right data behind the strategy. This guidebook and behind it have become a key resource that all business advisors should regularly consult.

Dr. Richard Swart is widely recognised as a global authority on Fintech, Alternative Finance and Crowd Innovation and was founding head of crowdfunding research at UC Berkeley

What a great book! In this world of overindulgence, biased information and unsettled opinions, Barry James has proved again he is a trustworthy world-class fintech expert who backs up his points with deep research and sensible data.

He has the remarkable ability of not only educating but inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs - or anyone who is on a mission to build something bigger than themselves and seeking capital.

Highly recommended.

Victoria Silchenko PhD, Professor at CLU, Founder of Metropole Capital Group & World Funding Summit

Barry James is a recognised thought leader on crowdfunding. As he notes in this timely book, throughout history, transformations in the real economy have been linked with transformations in finance. Long distance commerce gave rise to insurance during the Age of Exploration. Then the need of capital-intensive enterprises in the Industrial Revolution spurred the growth of the stock market.

With the world of work and technology potentially on the brink of another revolution, this book gets us up to speed on forms of finance arguably set to grow in tandem with it.

Dr David Bholat, (in his personal capacity, not on behalf of the Bank of England for whom he leads a team of data scientists & researchers)

Crowdfunding is challenging traditional forms of funding for small and medium sized enterprises.

This handbook offers clear guidance of this form of funding - when it is a viable alternative and how to succeed in raising the required finance.

It is an invaluable addition to finance providers reference library.

Clive Lewis, Head of Enterprise for The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW)

A truly great book. Not just because the content cuts through the noise to provide clarity around a fast moving crowdfunding arena but because it is well written with a constant engaging manner.

Kerrie Dorman, Business Mentor, Founder UK Association of Business Mentors

Barry has managed to take the readers’ hand and guide them through not only crowdfunding’s chronological evolution, but also map the prospect of this platform and it's significant role in the future.

It is highly recommended reading for everyone attempting to understand this new and evolving funding opportunities.

Dr. Tzameret H. Rubin, Senior Research & Enterprise Associate, Loughborough University, School of Business & Economics

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a killer idea, someone with a pot of cash looking to invest, or just a business person seeking to understand the myriad changes to the funding scene over the last 10 years, this book informs, educates and entertains - and in Plain English too!

An absolute must-read for all professional business advisors, and particularly those involved in supporting and developing SMEs.

Bankers - read this book and learn the lessons.

Carri Nicholson, Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, Regeneration Consultant and Vistage Group Chair for "The Northern Powerhouse"

New Routes to Funding provides a fascinating insight for business advisors into the growing opportunities provided by crowdfunding.

Cutting through the confusion and myths Barry uses facts and evidence to demonstrate how businesses can use crowdfunding, where appropriate, to achieve their goals. Plus his extensive knowledge and experience to explain how “seed crowdfunding” can be successfully incorporated within a broader funding mix.

Whether new to crowdfunding or looking to expand existing knowledge, I would recommend New Routes to Funding is included within a modern business advisor’s toolkit.

Steve Carroll, Access to Finance Business Advisor, Porterdale Business Consultancy

This handbook is going to be a gamechanger!

It provides much needed clarity around crowdfunding in all its forms where currently there’s so much confusion and many confusing messages. Little wonder so few campaigns are succeeding.

This handbook provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to get the information and help they need to create a successful campaign and empowers business advisors and finance experts to provide up to date advice supported by data.

Yvonne Bignall, Coach, Mentor & Author of ‘Suck It Up Or Change’!

After taking a deep dive into the data from over a half million crowdfunding campaigns with his team at The Crowdfunding Center and conversing with experts all over the world, Barry presents us with groundbreaking new models confirming crowdfunding as irrevocably human and unrelentingly about relationships.

He does this all for the small business advisor - the critical link in carrying crowdfunding over the chasm from the early adopter entrepreneurs who have already taken the leap of faith with crowdfunding to the more pragmatic early majority entrepreneurs who are not yet aware of crowdfunding’s ability to support the creation of new businesses and livelihoods - particularly for startups that traditional investors and banks have left behind.

Small business advisors are the key to educating more entrepreneurs about the crowdfunding opportunity. New Routes to Funding is the treasure chest they can unlock to find out how.

Kathleen Minogue, Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Better

Vital. Accurate. Clear. This book will equip all kinds of advisors to all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Easily the most credible, evidence-based observer of crowdfunding on the planet, Barry James' New Routes to Funding will prove foundational for legitimising alternative finance.

Dr. J Gregory PhD, MBA, PG Cert ED. Co-founder of Clear & Creative Communications, Entrepreneurship & Small Business academic

If you need businesses advice on crowdfunding, or indeed plan to run your own campaign, read this book first!

New Routes to Funding is the only book that I have come across that is dedicated to crowdfunding, making it a very in-depth and detailed resource for business advisers and consultants. It explores the different types of crowdfund campaigns, target audiences and the various phases involved, all backed by hard data.

The Crowdonomics MINT Model is particularly helpful as it explains what actually happens within a crowdfunding campaign and, most importantly, what motivates different people to back a campaign.

Richard Myers, Commercial Director, Transmit Start-Ups

‘New Routes to Funding’ is a valuable addition to funding texts.

What’s especially significant is that unlike a multitude of texts that seek to convert every person and his dog into funding experts this book is primarily for those that advise clients.

It is a quality guide to enable you to help your clients to navigate this new funding landscape.

Case studies are included to help you plus original diagrams that assist you to easily understand the more complicated areas.

Paul Niederer, International Funding Expert, Speaker and Consultant. Founder ASSOB International and Raiseworth Capital

OMG - I can start or scale my business through funding without debt and with savvy test trading on a crowd of potential customers! Who knew? Why would you go to a Bank or a VC? As the advocate of 'bootstrap don't borrow' for start ups this is the book that nearly made me eat my red fedora. Barry James is 'Mr Crowdfunding' and his team at The Crowdfunding Center have researched, modelled and continue to monitor what works and doesn't in the 4 main types of these new, and proven, routes to funding.

Do you advise clients on funding? If you do then this is a must read as a business adviser, mentor or coach. It is a vital guide but it's also a page turner because it debunks the myths, exposes the good and bad practices, analyses the funding platforms and gives the statistics and detailed case studies to allow you to give best and in context advice.

Make no mistake the majority of business owners that just choose a crowdfunding platform will fail to reach their target. The vast majority will succeed that take on board the advice presented in this book. It's not just about process it's about skills too - just ask Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls about the art of asking. Barry James has and it's in this rocking and valuable book - the world's standard text on successful crowdfunding.

Tony Robinson OBE, 'The Micro Business Champion', Founder & Co-Owner SFEDI Group, Co-Founder #MicroBizMattersDay and IOEE

The categorical overview of crowdfunding from a true crowdfunding insider. What Barry James and the crowdfunding centre have managed to pull together in this book is the overarching trends, insights and a overview both at the shallow and the deep end of the crowdfunding sector.

'The new routes to funding' shows the potential for the future in terms of democratic and open finance. An insight into Crowdfunding and a pathway to mutual-self-help outside the traditional realm of the financial sector, using the new routes to funding. This book for me shows what is happening as democratic finance comes to market, well worth a read!

Ryan Carter, Founder of Crowdleaf

I recently finished your book reading cover to cover! It's truly a great handbook - I learned a lot, took a lot of notes, and it will be extremely useful when we help young entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns.

Hopefully it will help drive the democratization of business capital and help allow a wider range of people have thier ideas showcased.

Gregory Doane, Coordinator of Počni, an initiative supported and financed by the UN agencies in BiH, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Written By Barry E James

More About Barry >

Based on Years of Research and Over Half A Million Campaigns

Crowdfunding has the potential to help people launch and grow their businesses and to create more jobs and livelihoods, to boost the economy and change lives.

The New Book From Barry E James

A recognised thought leader and one of the best-known names in crowdfunding, citizen entrepreneurship and the collaborative economy Barry is a world leading Fintech expert with a deep background in data engineering, systems design and psychology. As a serial tech entrepreneur and researcher he has been consulted by FT, The Times, Reuters and the BBC and also writes for Business Zone, Real Business, Crowdfund Insider and The Bankless Times. Cofounder & CEO of TheCrowdfundingCenter and TheCrowdDataCenter, the world's largest repository of data on crowdfunds he has also played a leading role in reforming UK financial regulation to support innovation - a change now being emulated across the world and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Portsmouth Business School.



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